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ReportDebt.com has revolutionized the debt recovery industry by creating a process that enables any creditor to leverage the power of the internet and social media to recover outstanding debts. Using a proprietary, patent pending process ReportDebt.com communicates with debtors and requests immediate payment of outstanding debts. Debtors who opt to ignore their obligations are reported through our database as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other social media.
Don't write off your bad debts just yet. ​Many entrepreneurs decide that it is not worth the time and effort to recover unpaid debts because of exorbitant legal expenses, the difficulty of executing a judgment and the fact that small businesses are not a priority for collection agencies. ReportDebt is here to help!
Bad Debtors too often get away without paying only to hurt other entrepreneurs down the road. ReportDebt.com automatically posts Bad Debt Reports on various social media if Debtors decide to ignore requests for immediate payment. When a potential customer or supplier performs a search on their name, Google will rank the bad debt reports for all to use as a reference.
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